Coming soon: Founder's square landscaping works
Jul 4 2016

Coming soon: Next phase of Library & Student Services Centre build, commencement of Founder’s square landscaping works

As part of the works to build our Library & Student Services Centre (L&SSC) we are transforming the space between the new building and Founder’s Building to create a new landscaped, pedestrianised area.

Founder’s square will be an impressive outdoor space, designed to meet the needs of our diverse College community.  It will provide a focal point and meeting place between the historic heart of our campus and a 21st century student focussed facility.

founders square

An artist’s impression showing the lights of the new Founder’s square at night.


The full programme of works to create this new pedestrianised Founder’s square will be sequenced over the next year.  Both the new L&SSC and Founder’s square, will be completed in time for the opening of the facility in later summer 2017.

Once the project is complete, Founder’s square will provide the college community with:

  • an outdoor meeting point at the heart of campus
  • a place to sit, study and reflect
  • a new events location
  • a space to enjoy al fresco music and drama in the summer months and festive activities in the winter months


When will work begin?

Work on the first phase of landscaping will begin in mid-July, when we will be extending temporary hoardings from the L&SSC site to cover the lower car parking area (already closed to vehicles) between Founder’s Building and the Windsor Building patio. These works will not have an impact on pedestrian movement between the two buildings and we aim to have this stage of the works finished as the autumn term commences.


What will the work involve this summer?

Over the summer our contractor Osborne will start the excavation work to create the long steps that will form part of an outdoor amphitheatre and performance area.  The extended work site will have a secure perimeter of mesh covered Heras fencing (rather than the solid wooden hoardings which surround the LSSC site).

The plan below show the existing hoarding perimeter (green) and the planned extension from mid-July (red).

Founders square phase 11

In addition the Estate team are currently finalising required permissions to open the Gardener’s Lodge gate (on the A30, opposite the Windsor Building) on a temporary basis to create a separate campus entrance for construction traffic.

Work to create this temporary construction vehicle entrance will commence by late July. The work will initially involve clearing the ground by the lodge, removal of trees as approved via the planning process and then in August, the temporary widening of the entrance, which will be fully re-instated at the end of the project to comply with the requirements associated with maintenance of our grade 1 listed perimeter wall.


What will happen over the next academic year from autumn 2017?

Further phases of the Founder’s square works will include widening the north west corner of the road around Founder’s to allow two way vehicle access to the west side of the building.  This work is scheduled for October and is essential to enable the east side of the building to become a largely pedestrianised area.

From January 2017, to incorporate them into the new Founder’s square landscaping, the patios around Windsor Building and the footpath between the Arts Building and the new Library and Student Services Centre will be re-surfaced.  The spaces which form car park 1E will be removed and the adjacent lawns re-turfed.  Finally the road to the south and east of Founder’s will also be upgraded and resurfaced in accordance with the specification of Heritage England.


How can I find out more?

We will provide a further update via the staff intranet.  The estate plan team will also email colleagues who work in Founder’s and the Windsor Building to make them aware of the start dates of work phases and further important details such as the relocation of fire muster points. We will provide ongoing updates as the works progress.



Please get in touch with our estate plan team by emailing us.