Procedures for Travel Insurance for Staff and Students
Jul 10 2016

For any overseas business travel or UK overnight travel, the Insurance Officer must be informed at least five days prior to travel by completing the College web form.  The Insurance Officer will copy the notification of travel produced from this form to the relevant Head of Department, Dean and Senior Faculty Administrator (as applicable) for information.

The web form should be used with immediate effect and paper leave of absence forms will not be accepted after 31 January 2015.

It is the responsibility of all staff and students to ensure they have prepared all necessary risk assessments and have obtained up to date security and health information for their destination.  Staff and students must not travel against medical advice or against the advice of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.  Information as well as emergency assistance whilst abroad can be obtained from using our travel insurance policy number 0015865151.

Departments will be recharged for student travel for trips of over two weeks or shorter trips of more than five students at the rates published here.

Staff who wish to insure their partner and/or children, who accompany them on business trips, through the College policy will be required to pay personally for such cover.

The College will not make an insurance claim for property or cancellation insurance of less than £100, but any losses under this value should be notified to the Insurance Officer and may be reimbursed to the individual.  Valid medical and other claims will be met in full as will any property or cancellation claim over £100.

No claim will be considered if the trip has not been advised to the Insurance Officer before travel commences unless there are exceptional circumstances to take into consideration.

No reimbursement of insurance purchased personally, rather than using the College policy, will be made to a member of staff or student after 1 February 2015.

Please note that student placements including study abroad are not covered by the College policy and it is the responsibility of students to take out appropriate insurance personally.

Further information can be found on the Finance department web pages.  Any queries regarding insurance at any time should be directed to